Monday, August 20, 2007


"O Amar Desher Mati Tomar pore Thekai Matha."

Theory of Life

Chance comes to those
Who know What they want

People can do
What they believe they can do.

Speak silver,Reply Gold.

A book is Like a garden carrier in the pocket.

The best teacher of humanity are the lives of great men.

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Bengal of gold


Bangladesh, is a very beautiful country. It is surrounded by India on all sides except for a small border with Myanmar to the far southeast and the Bay of Bengal to the south.The name Bangladesh means "Country of Bengal" and Bangla is written as বাংলা .

Our national flower:

Shapla is our National flower.It is a kind of water hyacinth like lotus and floats on water.Shapla is both white and red in colour.It stands on a long stalk.

Other flower's of Bangladesh:

All flowers-big or small,colorful or plain_are beautiful to look at.the rose is particularly popular because of its fantastic colour and wonderful scent.The rose may be pink,white,purple or rosy.Hasna-hena,bakul,gandharaj,beli,and champa are all sweet flowers.